Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I have spent the vast majority of the last week feeling particularly yuck. As in not just the normal yuck I had been feeling for a month, but a few notches higher than that. I think it is sinus because I would love to drill a hole under each of my eye sockets and let all the crud that seems to be trapped up there free. I have tried the netti pot, but it hasn't been much use. It just makes me sneeze while I am doing it. I have a list of meds that I am finally heading to the CVS to purchase later today. I am dreaming of feeling loopy instead of like I would feel better minus my head. My yuck has resulted in a house that hasn't been cleaned in about a month. Thankfully, the one good thing about all this snow, is that it keeps my grandparents-in-law from visiting every other week. Otherwise, the dirtiness of this house would be stressing me out majorly.
I had to call in sick for preschool today, which I hate. I realize I only teach for an hour, but I take it seriously and I really enjoy it. Finding a sub on the morning that you need them is my equivalent of begging for money. I hate it. You hate to call too early, because they may be nestled snug in their beds. Then again, you can't wait too long because they have to have time to get ready and get there. Who wants to get a call to sub? No one that's who. I feel guilty for even asking. Who wants to go be with a bunch of kids whose names you don't know and can't seem to remember even after they tell you while trying to follow a routine that you are totally unfamiliar with, all while being told, "That's not how we do it!" So I took the wiener way out. I texted and emailed. After all if you can hear a cell ring, you can probably hear it ding when you receive a text, right? Most of us check our email obsessively, they are just as likely to actually read that message in the next 30 minutes right? If it wasn't for everyone's paranoia over "When will the kids ever get out for the summer?" I wouldn't have had this problem. I never dreamed Fayette County would have school today.I thought we'd get a delay at the very least. They were calling off school if it did anything and that resulted in about 20 snow days, and everyone complained. So they went one day they really should have stayed home and people complained even more about that. So now it's like they flip a coin about 7 am and just see what happens. I wish I could have been at preschool, but I'll put it like this. I came home from dropping Madalynn off at school, came in the door, sat down on the couch, and laid over while still wearing my coat and fell asleep for the next 2 hours. Poor Jack has definitely reached the recommended daily allowance of TV viewing for a four year old today.
On to other things. I love the show Teen Mom 2. I am not advocating becoming a teen mom, but there is just something that draws me to that show. I like the couple Corey and Leah, the ones with twins, the best. I see Janelle as a train wreck barreling down the tracks, but with a mom as annoying as hers, who can blame her? There's a few more, the spoiled one whose dad pays for everything but daddy doesnt' know the ex boyfriend has moved back in to the house HE (the dad) is paying for. Kailyn whose own parents seem to have nothing to do with her, so she has to depend on her baby's daddy and his family. Only she can't seem to figure out she has to get along to get along, since they are her only option.
I started on the taxes last night. At least I started getting things organized for the people we pay to do the taxes. I am no math wizard and you couldn't pay me to try. I am going to make an attempt to get them done in plenty of time this year. Usually we wait until early April to get them turned in and let the accountant run that race.
Well, that is all the excitement from around here. I am off to take my second nap of the day.