Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 Month Update

Miss Lillie is growing like a weed! I have no idea how much she weighs or how long she is I just know she is getting longer and heavier. She is wearing 3-6 month clothes. She is also losing her hair except for the long twig in the front on top. She was born with that. She is definitely going to have her Daddy's hair.
Today we took the big kids to the dentist and she was so good! This is a rarity! Our appointment was at 10:00am (prime nap time) so I expected a meltdown. she just happily sat in her car seat and didn't even fuss once! In all honesty though, we were only there a grand total of about 30 minutes. I love the kids dentists these days. Instead of having to wait on one to finish in order for the next to go back, they have two dental assistants and do the kids simultaneously! Love it!
We then went to Wal-mart to get another Wii remote and she went to sleep in the cart just as pretty as you please! Slept throughout the Wal-mart visit, the car ride to Starbucks and then home and sat for another 30 minutes or so while we ate lunch! I love that girl so when she is low maintenance!
Anyway back to what i am loving at 3 months...I love how you want to hold onto my shirt while you nurse. I think it is funny how you get so impatient (furious) when you are hungry and will open your mouth and kind of wait on me while I am gaining access to the milk supply. :) I love the little dimples on the backs of your hands. I love your big eyes and how you will sometimes try to "talk" to us. You are able to turn yourself in a circle and can arch your back and "travel" too.
You laughed for the first time on Tuesday, December 13 and Daddy even heard it for the first time too. This was also the morning your poop changed over to more conventional baby poop and not breastfed baby poop. ie no more mustard colored seedy dirty diapers. You started sleeping through the night on November 17th. This was the first night Daddy was gone to San Antonio to AAEP. We had a 30 minute cry it out session that night, a 20 minute one the next night and by the third night I just laid you down, you went to sleep, and I saw you next at 6 am the next day! Love it! You still have to cry it out many nights unless i nurse you till you fall asleep. Not 100% ideal since they say if you have to nurse to fall asleep, if you wake up during the night, you will need to nurse to fall back to sleep. So far it hasn't been a problem but i wish I could put you in bed sleepy and you wouldn't scream!