Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OB Visit #3

I went for my third OB visit today. I have gained more weight since the last visit than I care to mention! Puke! I was proud of the fact that I had lost weight between my first and second visit. The whole not feeling like everything there is to eat will make you throw up has pros and cons. So I feel better, but the numbers are increasing. My blood pressure was good and even though they told me what it was twice, I still have no recollection of what either nurse said. The baby's heartbeat was 141. The biggest news was they moved up the ultrasound date to find out boy or girl from May 11 to May 4! Something about them wanting to do it right at 20 weeks. That is fine, I thought it was neat for it to be on the 11th because that is our 15th wedding anniversary. So we will know pink or blue a week early! I am still hoping against hope for girl. Especially when I look at the cute smocked Christmas dress or the cute little Halloween outfit hanging in the closet. Madalynn is convinced it is a girl since she wished on a star for it to be a girl! Jack wants a boy to "hang out with him." Jeremy thinks boy since I was sick this time and last time and last time resulted in Jackson. I think he may be right, but I can hope for a few more weeks!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Well, we returned from the big Spring Break in Tennessee last Friday. We had planned to leave on Monday of last week, but a huge storm front stretching from southwest of Tennessee all the way up here moving in the exact direction I needed to travel changed that. We decided to ride out the storms at our house rather than a ditch somewhere along the way. It was a good call. Several towns along our path sustained lots of trees down and power lines down. One town didn't get power back until about 3 days later.

We left going down on Tuesday morning and had pretty weather the entire time we were there! I wasn't prepared for how sunny and warm it would be. I took mostly long sleeved shirts and packed no sunscreen. Afterall, we left cold rainy Kentucky where the high hadn't been above 40 degrees in weeks! So my kids wore the few short sleeved shirts I took with us and the boy got a pretty bad sunburn on his face. The kids had a ball though.

Madalynn got to go do "errands" with Granny Peggy. That is code for going to any small town store (Fred's, Dollar General, Piggly Wiggly) and getting to buy stuff. They came home with makeup, a diary, Fruity Pebbles, and gum on one trip. Madalynn's Aunt Beth took her and her little girl Ryan to Chickasaw State Park one day for a picnic. Madalynn and I spent one night at Jenna's new house. They have everything finished and got a bed for the room upstairs for us. At least partly for us, anyway. We had supper at Bell's Drive-In (Their chocolate shakes are the best in the world!) one night and dinner at Jenna's house the last night we were there.

The boy was more interested in riding various horse and buggy/wagon combinations to the church playground up the road. He and Pa Lonnie try to spend every minute together. They both got to do what they wanted and loved every minute!

I had a really good visit with my Aunt Patsy and looked through a bunch of old pictures. I got to eat lunch with my sister one day too. We had an uneventful drive down and back which is always a relief. I always worry about car trouble and flat tires and what-ifs. All in all it was a good visit, short but good.

Friday, April 1, 2011

February- March Catch-up

Alright, time to finally catch this blog up! After all, it is supposed to be a journal for our family. I'd like for it to be a more complete story. Instead of a story with entire months missing. So here goes a catch up of epic proportions.

My last post was before I had a 7 year old daughter! We did it up big this year, or at least big for us. We began the day with donuts at a local donut shop! (I asked her what she wanted for breakfast if she could have anything, thinking it would be something I would cook. Wrong! What can I say, my girl likes to eat out.)

 It wasn't so bad though. It is within sight of her school, so it didn't take a lot of extra time. I dropped her off  and then went to make cupcakes to take to school later that afternoon.

Then that night I cooked her favorite for her birthday supper..."pink macaroni and cheese". Which is actually called Five Cheese Penne, but she's called it Pink Macaroni and Cheese since she was about 3, so why correct her now? We opened presents and then had ice cream cake.

Then two days later we had the big birthday bash at Bounce U!

This time they let us use one jump room for 45 minutes and then go to another room we'd never been in before for the other 45 minutes.

It was great! Jack even got in on the fun.

Two years ago, she and a friend with the exact same birthday had a joint birthday party there and he was terrified! Someone had to hold him the entire time! I guess it was the sound of the air compressors that keep everything blown up.

 Some kids got so tired that they had to stop and take a break!
We had a Hello Kitty theme for this party.

I should have done pizza as well as cake, since it ended up being during lunch, but I was trying to be thrifty and honestly didn't think about it till it was too late.
She got a lot of crafty type of gifts which is just what she likes.

 We swung by Qdoba (our favorite) on the way home and then Mama went home and crashed!

I forgot to mention that we had soccer and gymnastics that morning and of course this same day was picture day and we had to be there 30 minutes early.

So this made for a long day and very tired kids that night. The kids had a great time, which is what is important.

In other big news,  we will be having one more! It is due September 18. I wanted one born in the summer so that I wouldn't have to drag it out to take bigger people to school and expose it to numerous germs, but oh well. I am excited. I would love another girl to dress up in all Mady's sweet little things, but I have a feeling it is a boy. I wasn't sick with M, I was until the 4 month mark with J, and I have been sick this time. So, I am still hopeful, but based on prior experience, not so sure I'll get my wish. I have the sweetest little smocked Christmas dress and another little Halloween outfit that I would love for a little one to get to wear. If it's not a she, some lucky person will be the recipient of those gifts!
I have been to the doctor twice. I was very nauseous every day till about a month ago. I didn't have morning sickness so much as all day nausea and major nausea from 4-8 pm. We have been to Wednesday night church so few times that I am totally ashamed! What makes it worse is I teach preschool with a lady that has been Jack's Wednesday night teacher this past quarter. She sees me on Tuesdays, but never on Wednesday nights! I know she thinks I am a total slacker. This is just one of the times it would be great to have a spouse who attended church or at least a church that was close enough to drop the kids off and then come back and pick them up. Not that that is even a good idea in this day and age!
Anyway, the nausea kept me from gaining a ton of weight and looking majorly pregnant with my third. I even lost 3 pounds between my 1st and 2nd visit. Alas, food isn't so disgusting to me anymore. Now I just have occasional days of nausea, instead of every day.

Madalynn also had her first slumber party! (The kids call them sleepovers, but I like slumber party better. Having attended several in my life, I know there is much more partying going on than sleeping!) She had a great time!

Both kids have been sick since my last post. Madalynn with just a fever and general yuckiness. Jack with full blown strep throat. He missed almost a week of school and we both missed a day of Building Blocks preschool.

Now we all seem to be on the mend, if we could just get rid of this cold weather. As I was uploading pictures, I heard sleet hitting the windows! We have spring break next week and we are ready for Spring Break weather!