Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, yesterday my little girl looked like this...

and today she looks like this!

She is so proud of herself. She has pulled another tooth! Only the third one ever, but it has been over a year since the last ones. She can't wait for the tooth fairy to come. She has like 5 or 6 that are loose and she has just been letting them dangle for weeks. Then a couple of days ago she said she wanted to look different for her graduation picture and tomorrow is Kindergarten Graduation. I don't know if it is just me being sentimental or PMS, but I tear up just thinking about it. I know in the blink of an eye we will be doing the graduation thing...FOR REAL. I don't know if that is part of what scares me or not. I shouldn't be old enough to have a 6 year old. She should still be a baby! I remember in the days after we brought her home from the hospital, I just sat on the couch holding her in my hands and thinking "I am holding a real life baby doll." I had wanted babies since I was a baby practically, so having her was really a dream come true.

She is turning into such a little lady. She is generally a good helper, and good sister, and such a caring soul. She is also a wonderful example of what Jesus meant for all of us to be! Children are a window into what Jesus must have been like! She trusts so willingly, she is a tender hearted little thing, she is so interested in how the world works and God's role in it. She is a very good Bible student at church and school. I know I am partial, but sometimes I feel we don't deserve her! She is just so sweet and so pure. I wish she could always stay that way.

I love her so so much! So tomorrow I will try and keep it together and celebrate with her as she graduates from Kindergarten and moves on to bigger and better things. She will always be my baby though! I love you Madalynn Kayte!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where did the time go?

Well, April and May have flown by! I am teaching 3rd and 4th grade girls on Wednesday nights. We have had field trips, school functions, last days of preschool for Jack, spring cleaning, a couple of projects, a trip to Tennessee for Easter, a long visit from the great-grandparents, getting the garden in, mowing, and now preparing for Madalynn's last days of school and kindergarten graduation! :-( Whew! No wonder it flew by!

I always dread the work that goes along with teaching a class, but I also realize that I always learn so much when really looking in depth at scriptures I have read dozens of times. Now if I could just get the girls to be quiet during class!

Madalynn graduates next Thursday night. May or may not have family coming into town. I've got to get on finding out who is coming!
I've got a project I want the kids in M's class to do for the teacher. My co-workers did it for me when I left Piedmont. Each person makes their fingerprint and you write the name underneath. I hope it turns out cute.
I have a couple of friends at church that have had babies that I need to carry food to.

The great grandparents came for a visit about 2 weeks ago. Jeremy talked to them on Wednesday night and they weren't sure if they were coming or not. They said they would let us know on Thursday. Well, they always come in on a Friday so I thought OK, that will give me time to prepare even if they are coming. I had to drive on a zoo field trip for Mady's class on Friday and wanted to clean up my car and had a few more things I had to do. Well, they called Thursday morning and said they were coming...and they were already on their way!!! They were here to keep Jack so he didn't have to go to work with Jeremy, but such short notice! I'm a planner and I have a grand in-law who doesn't eat beef so I usually try to think of what I am going to cook while they are here. Well, this visit we ordered pizza one night and went out for Mother's Day another night. They arrived by 2 pm on Thursday and didn't leave until Monday!

I got my garden in, but we had torrential rains so I think all my seeds have been displaced and need replanting. Jack and I will have to get on it. I need some sweet corn!

I also did a couple of painting projects.



I found a small school desk at our Habitat ReStore that I sanded and painted for Mady. I got it for $3. I have also been looking for a piece of furniture for our bathroom. We have a wall that has a nearly full size window and nothing else. I can always use more storage and with it being a bathroom I needed something that didn't have drawers because you couldn't stack anything or openings where you see what you have stored. Who wants to see Kotex and toilet paper? I wanted something with solid doors. I found an old veneer cabinet for $35 at Habitat ReStore. More than I wanted to give, but cheaper than anything else. I sanded and painted that too. I think they both turned out cute. Still looking for a small piece for the small bathroom downstairs. Maybe I will swing by ReStore again! :) BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!