Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday was a YAY - that SUCKS day. Let me explain. I went to bed Monday night WAY too late.It was more like really early Tuesday morning. So I will take credit for starting Tuesday off badly.

So Tuesday morning I did not want to get out of bed which resulted in me getting up not at 5:30 but more like 6 am. SUCKS! In mommy terms I began the day behind. Then I didn't have time to pump- SUCKS. I didn't have time to feed Lillie Claire her cereal before leaving to take the big kids to school- SUCKS. I didn't have to get anything together for preschool or teach - YAY! So at least that wasn't a problem.

My darling daughter the previous evening had decided to get out one page of homework and do it. Only she had about 3 more pages she was supposed to do! So since we have really been on to her lately about her schoolwork, she tries to get it all done before we leave - but after taking her time eating 2 bowls of Fruit Loops! (As a side note, I tell her all the time she is a girl, she has got to learn to multitask!) So she helps make us nearly late for school because she is now in a panic trying to finish homework she should have finished the night before. This episode was complete with everyone except her in the car and me honking the horn! SUCKS!

My son decided not to get out of bed in time to eat breakfast- SUCKS. So I was supposed to put some cereal in a baggie for him to eat on the way to school. Only, I forgot- SUCKS. So I had to take time to go through McD's drive-thru which meant there was no time for my regular Starbucks run- DOUBLE SUCKS! This was also the last day of preschool, and I was supposed to already have teacher gifts bought, but I had forgotten! SUCKS! So I had to add that to my to-do list for while Jack is at school. Plus, since it was the last day of school, I should have taken my "real" camera so I could take a last day of school picture- except I forgot. Then when I went to take a picture of him with his teachers, my phone had so many pictures on it, that it would not work!!! SUCKS!

I was able to run in quite a few places and get some shopping done. YAY! Miss Lillie Claire didn't cry or fuss while shopping. YAY!

PS.  I found out later I had looked at the wrong day on the lunch calendar and I was supposed to pack Madalynn's lunch! SUCKS!