Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas! or not! 😢 This year just hasn't felt like Christmas. I think it had to do with a few things we had going on here. The first part of the month was great. I had my decorating all done, present wrapping game was on point, I even had gifts for the mailman and the neighbor! Then the kids started getting sick and with three of them, you feel like once it starts, it is never ending. LC was sick for like 3 weeks and required 2 doctor visits. Jack was sick once, Madalynn and I had the stomach bug one weekend, and then I was sick again about 10 days before Christmas.
Jeremy was traveling for AAEP. Then his granddad took a turn for the worse and he traveled down to TN to see him and then we all ended up going down for his funeral. This meant that the kids missed the last week before Christmas activities at school. Part of this was a blessing though. They have always bought Paw a Christmas present at the Christmas store and it was good that we didn't have that sitting under the tree with Paw gone.
Jeremy was scheduled to have a tonsillectomy on December 12, but since his grandpa passed away that day, he ended up having it done on the 19th. He felt horrible and couldn't eat anything other than soft food, so I didn't cook our traditional Christmas meal or even breakfast on Christmas morning. It has just sucked this year. I hate to say that really because our problems are all pretty minor and I acknowledge that and am grateful for that, but it has just been a sucky month.
On the upside, J is doing better today. He sounded more like himself and has eaten a little more. His throat is much better and he hasn't needed pain medication today other than ibuprofen. He hasn't needed to lay on his icepacks as much either. So that is a great blessing. He won't be recovered enough to eat a good steak on his birthday Friday, but maybe soon.
Lance volunteered to babysit and I plan to take him up on it. Randall offered to come up or do something, but I told him J wasn't up to it just yet. I wish I could talk him into going down to Nashville and all of the TN crew could meet us for a surprise 40th get together. It would be awesome. I don't think I could ever talk him into it though. Work comes first. :(
I think this way though, him not so much. I got a nice necklace for my birthday, but got a cooler for Christmas! Blah! It was a small yeti cooler, but still.  I want girly gifts that are something just for me on my birthday and Christmas. He and I pretty much have no personal relationship other than him being the provider and me keeping the home running anyway. I guess we are to that stage in life, but I hate it. I miss flirting, sex, and feeling like my husband wanted to be with me without kids from time to time. I understand he works a lot and wants to see them, but what about me? I know women aren't supposed to say that, but it is how I feel. I feel lonely even though we live in the same house. I wish his menopause and mine had started at the same time!