Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looooooong Day

Today has been a long one. M is having two little girls over tomorrow night and I've had a list a mile long I have been trying to get through.
I'm too tired to write sentences so you just get a list.
- Got up and put on makeup and got dressed
-Paid bills before kids got up
-Fed and dressed all 3 kids
-Gathered muck boots, lists, coupons, outgoing mail, and dry cleaning
-Dropped off big kids
-Dry cleaners
-Checked cows
-To Hamburg, filled Tahoe up with Ethanol
-Starbucks to get lifesaving brew
- Meijer
-Quick stop into Gordmans
-Lunch from Qdoba
-Ate/fed lunch
-Unloaded groceries and put away
-LC down for nap
-Tried to take nap, too much to do
-Unloaded, reloaded dishwasher
-Straightened pantry
-cleaned out fridge
-LC up from nap
-Picked up big kids
-Post office
-Big kids clean playroom
-I straighten kitchen and vacuum downstairs
-Cook dinner, J takes shower
-Do homework with J, ask M spelling words
-Eat dinner
-Gather laundry
-Oversee girls' bath
-Put up M's stencil

I just ate some oreos that I didn't need and am off to take a shower.