Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas has come and gone and I am now using my new laptop to write my blog entry today. Still working out some kinks, but loving it overall! Thanks to my wonderful husband Jeremy, I can now look up recipes while in the kitchen, instead of running up and down the stairs. I can email teachers from the kitchen while the kids are eating breakfast. I can check the bank account from the couch! I love it.

The kids had a great Christmas. Santa didn't bring everything on their lists. (Madalynn just didn't want to believe that it was simply a suggestion list, not an inventory of exactly what would be under the tree.)Madalynn got a BB gun (Jeremy) with custom painted (with nail polish) initials on the stock. She got a game for her leapster, although she said Diego is a boy's game. She got an Ariel sparkle baby and portable crib. She got a neck pillow, a digital camera, a cap, slippers, underwear, lip gloss, a purse, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and more.
Jack got a custom camouflage BB gun (minus the BBs)He loved it! He has been wanting one like Daddy's. Daddy bought one as a consolation prize for not getting to take a trip to AAEP and Las Vegas. Jack got a big wheel, (very popular), a set of Handy Manny tools, a bounce back racer, a truck, a tractor carrier for all his little tractors, some underwear, a sweater, a four wheeler, and lots more.
This is the first year the kids got us up. Jeremy's phone rang and in just a few minutes we heard what sounded like elephants being herded down the hall.I had been laying in bed thinking this might be the last time I could go down first and get a picture of their faces when they see what Santa brought for the first time. Oh well, they grow up too fast.
We opened all that Santa brought and then I cooked breakfast. We had waffles, bacon, and pigs in a blanket. We have all been sick so all but Jeremy laid around in our jammies all day watching Christmas movies.
I had cooked dinner Christmas Eve and we opened the presents from us to the kids and I got to open this, (my laptop). I had been wanting one, but hadn't had time to do research to figure out what I wanted or needed. Jeremy did a little research and went and got it. I am very pleased. He didn't make out so well. All I got him was a drimmel tool and some accessories. Oh, well. Too many disappointing birthdays will make a person buy buddy Christmas gifts. Maybe since he did well on the Christmas present, he will get a celebration for his birthday. I always try and do birthdays up big, and had almost crossed him off the list, but I think I will make an exception this time! :)

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