Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OB Visit #3

I went for my third OB visit today. I have gained more weight since the last visit than I care to mention! Puke! I was proud of the fact that I had lost weight between my first and second visit. The whole not feeling like everything there is to eat will make you throw up has pros and cons. So I feel better, but the numbers are increasing. My blood pressure was good and even though they told me what it was twice, I still have no recollection of what either nurse said. The baby's heartbeat was 141. The biggest news was they moved up the ultrasound date to find out boy or girl from May 11 to May 4! Something about them wanting to do it right at 20 weeks. That is fine, I thought it was neat for it to be on the 11th because that is our 15th wedding anniversary. So we will know pink or blue a week early! I am still hoping against hope for girl. Especially when I look at the cute smocked Christmas dress or the cute little Halloween outfit hanging in the closet. Madalynn is convinced it is a girl since she wished on a star for it to be a girl! Jack wants a boy to "hang out with him." Jeremy thinks boy since I was sick this time and last time and last time resulted in Jackson. I think he may be right, but I can hope for a few more weeks!

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  1. Hey Chic-ee! Hope you're feelin' better and better!! Congrats a little late...I seem to always be a little more behind these days...we have an excuse, right?
    Lowdown on the curling wand: it makes pretty tight curls that last for a couple of days. I haven't burned myself has the glove, but I just do it w/out the glove and you can feel when you're getting a little too close. The only challenge is sometimes getting that very last piece to just have to re-wrap and re-curl that little part. It's not quite as forgiving as using a straightening iron but the curls last waaaaay, overall, for $25, I recommend it. I probably works even better on longer hair....mine's just shoulder length. Ok, I'll stop this chapter for now! ☺