Thursday, October 15, 2015

     So, it has now been a little over 10 weeks. I love the results! They don't feel or look too big to me. They feel like a part of me, nothing fake feeling at all. The deeper portion is firmer than before, but I had lost so much mass from breastfeeding and never had anything to speak of before that anyway. I love them! I love looking down and seeing something that sticks out further than my stomach. I haven't really had any trouble with my old normal clothes fitting. I have to wear something under some of my button up shirts since some of them gap open, but other than that no problems. My dresses all still fit just with a better look to them.
     I would highly recommend having 3-4 days of someone taking care of you and 2 weeks before you have to be responsible for anyone else. My kids came back home 4 days after surgery and it was hard. I couldn't take my meds like normal since I don't remember large portions of time when I was on them. That meant the pain was hard to control. By the end of Monday, I was a mess by the time J walked back in the door. So that could have been better. They never really asked too many questions, I just told them I had hurt my back. LC has said several times in the last few weeks that she missed me  a lot while she was at Aunt Jenna's.
     I was having a lot of pain about a week or week and a half after surgery. It may have been longer I'm not sure. Not excruciating pain, just achy, discomfort sometimes with sharp random pains. I had read that the random pains were normal though as the nerves heal. I will say that the pain/discomfort was more than I expected. Not unbearable, although the second day was the worst as I had read it would be; but I just had nothing to compare it to. The only other surgery I had ever had was having my wisdom teeth out.
     I really don't have anything I can't do. Sit-ups and crunches are different since I have more to lean up and around. I have to put on one of my industrial strength bras to run in or jump in, as well. I think I have finally evened out at a 40D. I could probably could do a 38D, but my incisions still don't like having anything pressing against them tightly, so I go with the bigger size. I have bought underwire bras and just take out the wire. I am not good at applying my scar cream consistently. I was supposed to start using it 2 weeks out applied over some tape they gave me. I was trying to be a good patient and do everything like they told me to. However, during the first application I realized I hadn't asked if I removed the tape after a few minutes or leave it on. Well, I left it on a while and that was a mistake. When I went to remove the tape, it felt like I was trying to rip my incision open! So I thought maybe it had too much adhesive so I got in the shower thinking it would soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove. Not so, the tape itself came off, but all the sticky adhesive was left. So I had to pick all the sticky off which was not pleasing to my incisions either. After that, my incisions were very easily aggravated. It was still summer, so any sweating made them burn. I only wore a bra when I was leaving the house, because  the bra band bothered them. The scar tape really set me back a bit as far as healing. I had essentially been pulling on a newly healed cut and that is never good.
     It took a long time for me to be able to use my arms the normal way. My husband made the comment early on, as I was walking around the house, that I looked like a bodybuilder! Thanks! I couldn't help it, you don't realize how much your arms and pectoralis muscles are interconnected until you notice EVERY movement! I walked around with my arms kind of held out to my sides because my chest muscles were so sore! You also really notice muscles that run up into your armpits!
     My husband was a great nurse and actually took off of work! I was really worried I would be left on my own too early. My sister was great to watch 3 extra kids for almost a full week. My meds were (other than day 2 when they just couldn't keep up with the pain) awesome! My doctor did not require a tight bandage around my breasts like most do, so with meds and ice packs my recovery was more comfortable. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
*Update I can wear a 38D.*

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