Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jack's First Playdate

Today was a busy one, but a good one. I have a friend from church that was suddenly sick and needed a babysitter at the last minute. We had already planned to get together with another friend later today and take the kids to the park. So I got up earlier than I usually do and kept her little boy who is Jack's age till about 10 am. We played with Jack's tractors, ate pancakes, and watched a little Dora on TV. Then we all got our picnics and headed to the park. I would have never found it if Karen hadn't been leading the way. We had a really good time. The boys and Mady played for a while and then we ate lunch. We headed home about 1 o'clock. I had a really great time today and hope I can invite them all over for a play day here. they both live in neighborhoods in town and have small yards. We live on the farm and have a gated space with plenty of room to run around. The kids could play with the toys in the playroom, the swing set, even the little pool if we were feeling brave.

We went to the grocery store and picked up a few things and then took a nice nap. Once the kids were up they played outside with the new kittens. Jeremy was nice enough to bring home 2 kittens yesterday. After all I had only told Madalynn about 1,000 times that we would get a cat when we had a barn. I asked him the afternoon he brought them home if he had purchased some property I didn't know about. (He had not.) I worked on dinner and enjoyed a quiet house for a few minutes.

After dinner we all rode around looking for a farm Jeremy had heard about. We didn't find it. The kids went with Jeremy to sit on one of the farm's tractors. While they were doing that I sprayed some round-up, mowed just a bit, and harvested my zucchini crop. I had a few that were so big they were scary when I lifted up the leaves. I had no idea they were ready, let alone of huge proportions! When the kids got back we all roasted a few marshmallows and then came in for baths and bed.

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