Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I think I am going to make it

I have had the crud all week this week and part of last week. I first thought it was just a runny nose Jack had had earlier last week. Apparently not. I have had full blown stuffy/ runny nose, coughing, sore throat, sneezing, headaches, and ears that feel like they need to pop but won't. I am glad to report though, I am MUCH better today. Finally! There is nothing that makes me appreciate being healthy more than a few days of being sick! We all that are healthy need to realize how big a blessing our health is. Jeremy and I both know how quickly that can change.

Anyway, I have actually felt good enough to catch up or attempt to catch up on our laundry. All moms know - one day down and it begins to heap up. I have experienced what 4-5 days of that can look like in the past week. It looks a lot better around here now. I weeded in the garden, straightened the kitchen, dealt with the builder who was here working on our front door lock, worked on some school type stuff with Mady and run a few errands today. In addition to the required feeding and tending of children. Those two things I just can't get away from.

We will miss tonight at Bible school though. I have missed all week, but the kids have been attending. Jeremy said he would probably be working late tonight since he was off yesterday. He has been picking up the kids after I drive them to church and drop them off. I was supposed to be helping this week. My assigned duties were to be the 1 year olds, the 2 year olds, or refreshments. In the state of my health this week, not a good idea. I appreciate sick people trying to keep their germs to themselves, so I am trying to follow this advice. I am not obsessive about it, I just hate to have healthy children that get exposed to people that know they are sick and choose to be around others anyway. I am still coughing like I have TB so I didn't figure I need to go spread germs all over small children. The kids technically don't know they aren't getting to go tonight. I know there will be a certain 5 year old that will have quite the dramatic reaction when given this information and I am delaying that performance as long as possible.

The weather has been great here this week, so I hate that I haven't felt like doing more. It would have been a good week to go to the park or something, but I just haven't had the energy. I weeded a little in the garden today and dug potatoes Monday night. The rest of my garden seems to be in slow motion. It will probably all be ready the week we are in Wyoming. Temperatures of 70's and 80's in late June and early July just don't happen that often. Oh well, I am just thankful I am feeling better and it isn't something more serious.

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