Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our First Day of Kindergarten!

Whew! I am glad that is over and no tears were even shed! This is a major feat both for Madalynn and myself. I have to admit there were times I feared that we would ALL be crying like babies. No so though!

Jeremy was able to come back home in time to drive to school with us. (It is only a few miles from our house.) We walked in and she was the first to arrive in her classroom. The room looked very cute! Their class mascot is the monkeys. That is perfect for kindergartners. We tried not to stay long, but long enough. As parents, you often have to find the line between just long enough and too long. Stay too long and the waterworks are sure to start. She was supposed to have a friend from preschool in her class, but she is a twin and the mom wanted to separate them so of course the girl was the one switched out. I wasn't sure this would go over well with Madalynn, but she did fine.

I hope we have made the right decision about the school she goes to. We chose a small private Christian school here in town versus the public school. I am not against public school and I never thought I would send my kids to private school, but with the public schools we were looking at upwards of 25 kids in a class. Mady has 12 in hers. Everybody says "well it is just kindergarten." It is, but I think it still matters. We will see how this year goes. I want to find time to volunteer in her classroom and maybe others so that I can get a first hand look at what goes on and how things are done. That was something that was strange. Before, I have always been on the inside. I knew what the procedures and routines were; now I am a parent on the outside looking in. Getting in depth info from a 5 year old is like questioning a wall so she isn't much help at this age.

Jack ended up going to work with Jeremy when we got back to the house, so I had ...gasp...FREE TIME. I didn't know what to do with myself. I cleaned the playroom, stripped all the beds and put clean sheets on every body's bed, went to tan. Then I just sat around thinking how weird this was. To not have somebody talking to me or strewing toys around that I just picked up. Weird. Maybe I need another baby. I am not sure I like being the parent of a school age child. Makes me sound old. I can't be old...

When we got home, she was bouncing off the walls! Apparently she loved it! Hallelujah, my prayers have been answered! I am not sure how to break it to her that she has to go to school every day for years. :)

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  1. What a cutie. I think little kids are so cute with their big backpacks on their backs.