Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

Well, we are about to start the third full week of school around the Whitman household! I'll be honest, I didn't get alot done around here the first week and a half. I just felt weird without Mady here! She usually is my shadow and is never at a loss for something to say... or three things to say at one time! Jack and I both missed her terribly at first. He kept saying things like when we went to McDonalds to get him a sausage and biscuit - "Mady don't need one, she at school." If I cooked anything during the day he thought it was supper and worried that "Mady no eat supper?" He still brings me toys. "I brought one for me and eww (you) one too. So I know he was lonely at first. You have got to think that he is almost 3 and this is the first time the two of us have been alone together for an extended period of time. When Madalynn was in Mother's Day Outs 2-3 mornings a week, A. We were running errands or B. He was in school too. We have never had just normal days of being alone together. One morning that first week, we sat on the couch and watched Cars. I haven't just sat and watched an entire movie since before I had kids! I am enjoying our time though. Every child needs time one on one with their parents. Jeremy hasn't been terribly busy and he has taken Jack to work with him for a few hours at a time. Jack loves that.
It seems like while we were on vacation he really took up with his Daddy. We had the great-grandparents along on the vacation and one night he and Madalynn both came back to the hotel to stay with us!
I have to get started planning on what we are doing for his 3rd birthday. It is about a month away and I think we will be traveling to West TN that night and visit for the weekend. Not sure yet what we are doing though. Maybe a construction vehicle theme. We did a tractor theme last year. I may even buy a cake pan and make his cake again this year. Last year the tractor cake I did turned out really well.
I am supposed to be the room mother in Madalynn's class this year. So I hope it works to bring Jack along! I have got to get my letter to parents done...tomorrow. I also want to get my menu for the week done. Plus the ironing of M's uniforms for school. We have had 2 birthday parties this week. School, family was visiting last weekend. My garden is finishing up. Playdates with Jack's friends Nico and Zachary. Plus all the "normal" stuff. Lots to do, lots to do.

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