Monday, September 27, 2010

Bachlorette-ing It ...Kind Of

Well, Jack and I are home alone for a few days! Mady and Jeremy have flown to Texas to visit our "family" out there. He went for the horse sale and she went to see Mrs. Marshall. I am not sure how much she remembered of her, but from what I hear they are fast friends again. I love that. I love how Mady can not see someone for years and in a matter of minutes she is their best friend. I hope Mrs. Marshall is having as good a time as Madalynn is! I hate that what is so embedded in Madalynn is so far away. She has been back to Texas twice in the last 5 years. I wish the Garretts and Mrs. Marshall  lived closer. Mady had a Texan accent for years even though we only lived there until she was a year and a half old. She thinks Texas is the greatest place on earth even though she can't remember much about even being there.

According to Jeremy they have built a nice concession stand for the football field, a new sports complex and some other sports related  facility. Must be nice to be living in town with a woman who has so much money she is itching to give it away. (Long story) One of the few things in town when we lived there was the Shell gas station. Well, after we left, they built a bypass around Guthrie and since then the gas station closed! That was one of the only two places to buy a coke during the day and the only place after 5 pm. It was the only place within 30 miles to buy gas. It would really suck to live there now.

Since they left Jack and I have eaten at Wendy's, Chinese, and Taco Bell. I have thoroughly cleaned the house and driven the tractor for the first time. I have also watched a few movies I have wanted to see (The Backup Plan, Date Night, Bounty Hunter, and Valentines Day) I watched Bounty Hunter today - lasted forever and wasn't all that good. Yesterday, I watched The Backup Plan - very cute- and Valentines Day - terrible! I have yet to see Date Night.

I have also slept in my own bed and enjoyed it immensely! I love Jeremy dearly, but his snoring is AWFUL! I have slept on the couch so that I could actually sleep lately. It is nice to have a good night's rest.  Lovely!!!

I love my oldest and my hubby, but it is a nice change to have only one other person to take care of!

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