Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Field Trip

Well, today Jack and I went on his first field trip! That seems weird, but I think the only other two he had the option of going to got rained out the last two years. So today was the first! He loved it! We went to a local orchard/ pumpkin patch. It was his kind of place. Of course, his teacher was there and he loves, loves, loves Mrs. B! He held her hand most of the day! (Good thing I'm not the jealous type!)

His class from his Monday, Wednesday, Friday preschool was there. So that meant his little "girlfriend" was there!

 I think the feeling may be mutual since she walked up and wanted to hold his hand! :) This same little girl walked up to him on the first day of school and handed him the hard hat to put on since he was playing with the tool box. She was looking out for his safety!

We got to ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor and of course we sat in the first seat on the trailer so as to be as close as possible. Anyone who knows Jack knows tractors are his "thing". He loves them! When we made a couple of turns we could have reached out and touched the tractor wheel! We got to pick out a pumpkin and I have to say he did a great job!

We also got to taste apple cider, play on the playground, and even got to bring home a couple of apples! He loved the cider so much we had to buy one of those little apple shaped bottles when he was done playing.  As he would say, "I'm sweat! I need a drink!"

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a wonderful time!

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  1. Oh my goodness...I adore your blog...and your husband is from Guthrie? Or y'all just lived there?! I am freaking out, of course, 'cuz I live in Roaring Springs!! Do you know where that is? By Matador??? My great friend's kids go to school at Guthrie...OH MY!! That is crazy!!! Ok, I'll be keepin' up with you and I'm so glad you visit Sassy Gal!!!! ♥♥♥