Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Easter this year was about like it usually is. It's usually just the kids and I since Jeremy is so busy at work.
I cooked a good lunch for us to eat after church. I made fudge pie and lemon icebox pie on Saturday so that was already done. I also made the sweet potato casserole and cooked it on Saturday so that all I had to do was warm it up on Sunday. I always buy a ham that just really needs to be warmed and the glaze put on it. I had baked my dressing and the ham that morning. I also had cooked french toast and breakfast casserole on Saturday morning so we had  good breakfast leftovers on Sunday as well. I wanted us all to be good and full since it would take longer to get lunch on the table than it normally does. If we ever build a house I am definitely going to have two ovens! It seems that the meals you cook on the holidays always consist of things that all need to be cooked in the oven.
So we got up Sunday morning, saw what the Easter bunny brought and ate our breakfast.

Then I got the kids all dressed up in their new Easter outfits. I spent more than I usually do on Madalynn's dress, but I have a feeling this baby is a boy and so my days of having anyone to wear cute smocked dresses is about over. I found Jack a cute little linen-looking vest and dress pants that came with a white shirt with light blue checks and an orange and blue striped tie. It all came together and matched Madalynn's dress that was also blue. Jack loves a tie. Last year he had the first one ever and would say "It makes me look handsome!" I have to say I agree. They both looked so sweet.

So we go to church and then came home and changed into other clothes and I finished lunch. I had to make the homemade macaroni and cheese and bake the rolls. As well as warm up the sweet potatoes, ham, and dressing. It was really good! Then we took the traditional Sunday afternoon nap.
All it does around here is rain, but that afternoon we even got a break in the weather and were able to hunt Easter eggs outside.I was afraid we would have to do it indoors.
Overall it was a good day although we always wish Jeremy could spend it with us. Next year we'll have another little cutie to celebrate Easter with!

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