Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Summer List 2012

School is out for summer!!!

Here is our summer to do list for 2012! I hope all these things are "do-able". The only problem is I am going to be doing good to accomplish all this and my daughter thinks it is her duty to add one thing to it daily!
Since our life is anything but typical, I try to make summer full of fun. We can't afford to go on a cool vacation, so we make the simple simply awesome!

We are doing pretty good.

We have signed up for the library summer reading program.

We did a picnic at the farm one day last week since the weather wasn't too hot.
We had a PJ day on Monday since it rained.
We attended VBS (at least Madalynn and Jack did) on Saturday and the kids caught fireflies!

We attempted to go to Raven's Run Nature Sanctuary. The only problem was I had it confused with the McConnell's Springs Nature Park. We still had a great time. I just can't mark that thing off my list!

We took about a 1 mile walk and actually followed some fairly steep trails with the ole' jog stroller.
The weather was great! That is why I wanted to get this crossed off the list. Maybe another day!
We walked for about an hour and stopped and had a snack and a drink.

Miss Lillie Claire getting a drink too!

The most interesting thing by far was the Burr Oak tree that is supposed to be over 250 years old!Amazing!

The branches themselves were as big as tree trunks!

We stopped for a lunch at Zaxby's on the way home. Not exactly where I thought I was going this morning, but a fun day anyway!

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