Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time Slipping By

Well I can't believe that summer is almost over! It makes me so sad. I don't know if all 35 year olds ( I hesitate to even write that number!) think so much about how quickly time passes, but it seems that is almost all I think about these days. My babies are growing up before my very eyes.

I have one that my husband is currently driving to the TN/KY line so that she can hitch a ride to the beach with her cousin. She will see the ocean for the first time without me. I hate that. I know it is the first time of many more to come, but I just want to cry every time I even think about it. She seems so big, so old, but she is only 8. Eight sometimes sounds old, but not today. She is such a big girl and helps me so much now with Lillie Claire. I will miss her terribly this week. She talks nonstop and got her daddy's penchant for telling long drawn out stories. It gets on my nerves so bad, but I know I need to do a better job stopping and listening to her. She is so sweet, kind, smart, and has so much potential. I need to do better. She deserves better.

I was afraid my husband was going to let the boy go for a week at the great-grandparents' house. I wish they were able to take care of him but they just aren't able. Jeremy's grandfather is Jack's best friend, too bad the best friend is now 70 something years old. I want to have him all to ourselves. We are going to Gatlinburg for a few days later this week and I want to spend some time with him because on August 13 he will go off to kindergarten! My baby in kindergarten, how can that be? I will be doing good to keep it together that day. I don't know why but it is going to bother me so much more than with Madalynn. He is all boy, but at the same time he is kind, sweet, thoughtful, helpful, and loves his sisters- especially the little one! I think he will have fun with us. We never said anything about the possibility of him going to the grandparents. I told Jeremy we needed to make sure and carry him to ride go-carts. We haven't mentioned that we are going to Gatlinburg so it will be a surprise. I was afraid if we did mention it, that Mady would back out of going with Mary Grace to the beach. She is bad to get homesick anyway. M & J stayed up until 11:30 pm talking. You would think she was going to be gone a month!

I have a baby, the last baby, that is now 10 months old! I need to be planning a birthday party right now. It went by so quick even as I realized it was flying by. She is sick with a fever today, which is why I am not the one driving down to drop Madalynn off. I hope she gets better before our trip. I will give an update on her in another post.

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