Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Fun

Well, I must suck at writing more than once a month, because here I have done it again. I think I might do better if my computer were downstairs or if I had a laptop. Those might just be excuses though.

Jack is up to his normal tricks. He has fallen several times and sported various bumps, scrapes, and bruises. Last week it was a HUGE knot on his head from falling out of a kitchen chair onto the tile kitchen floor. This week it is a big lip from falling out of the swing. He wasted no time on this one. We got home from running errands I walked in the garage door the kids went around back. I used the restroom and by the time I could do that and walk around to the kitchen he had already managed to fall out of the swing and bite/bust his lip. It looks terrible, both inside his mouth and on the outside. (He likes to do things up big!) He is also quite mouthy. He likes to say naughty words and talk back to me. This is not cute at all. He does have moments where he redeems himself though. We were driving the other day and out of the blue he says "I love you Madalynn". How sweet!

Madalynn has learned to ride a bike with no training wheels and managed to have the worst bicycle wreck I have personally seen. That is not saying much, but it was a terrible accident. She and I were riding bikes behind the house and I made a real dumb decision to ride down a hill, figuring if it was too much for her she would drag her feet and slow herself down. Not so much. She also wasn't wearing a helmet. She had quit wearing it around the house and I forgot to make her put it on before we left to ride around on the farm. (It is pretty hilly, so I was really stupid for forgetting the helmet.) She fell and had a bad scratch on her elbow and scratched up her face, busted her lip. (The lip was so big it really changed her looks as it swelled up.) She was very upset about how this made her look! She is fine now and you can barely tell anything happened.

Last week I took the kids to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a few days after Madalynn finished up preschool. I had my doubts about taking 2 kids on a trip by myself, but it was all for nothing. We had a great time!! I really wasn't ready to come home and neither were the kids. We got to relax, have fun with an old teaching buddy of mine and her boys, and swim! Three things we don't seem to do often enough. Poor Daddy had to stay at home and work. He was also about as sick as he has ever been so we missed that! It was a really fun trip and I can't wait to do it again! It was cheaper to buy season passes than tickets for two days so that is what we did. Now we must go back!

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