Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Time

We have been having so much fun lately. I don't know if it is because I have kids that are older this summer or the knowledge that one of them will go off to "real" school this fall or what, but I am really enjoying our summer this year.

We have traveled to an amusement park and stayed in a hotel, visited family, camped out, attended VBS, swam and played with friends, enjoyed cookouts, and enjoyed sleeping in the past few weeks. We also each took one child on a date this past week. Jack and I went to sit on tractors at the local dealership and Jeremy and Madalynn ate at Applebee's complete with dessert.

Jeremy actually took me on a date Saturday night too! I was so impressed. We went to eat at Steak n' Shake, to Kohls's and looked around, (he never goes shopping) and then to a movie. It was so fun! If I hadn't been sick we would have really had a good time. I hope he does this more! I keep asking what he has done, because this is highly unusual! (ha ha) He has been very good yesterday and today about offering to go get the kids at VBS so that they didn't have to miss or me spend 30-40 min on the road dropping them off and picking them up. He also had a day off today. THE FIRST DAY OFF IN THE YEAR 2009! He had camped with Madalynn last night. (Although they got an early morning wake up call courtesy of Dr. Caleb! Gotta love being a veterinarian) Anyway, we all went to Cracker Barrel and had a good breakfast this morning.

We have attended a rodeo here in Georgetown and the kids and I have been to rope with Jeremy a couple of times. We are also doing the summer reading program at the library and trying to do a little "schoolwork" so that Jack and Mady's minds stay somewhat focused.

We still have our real vacation to Yellowstone National Park yet to go later in July. I am dreading the worry of the flight, or should I say FLIGHTS but other than that it should be fun. We are meeting Jeremy's grandparents out there. They are driving out with some of their friends and staying in their camper trailer. I just hope my kids don't get eaten by a bear or something. Jeremy wants to let the kids stay with the grandparents, but I have reservations. (No pun intended) I just don't know that all of us folks from West Tennessee, especially the older ones, take the threat of wildlife that could eat you seriously enough. I would feel better knowing I was the one in charge of keeping a close eye on them. I think bears are less likely to be found in hotels than in campgrounds.

I have apparently been blessed with the crud. In summer no less! I really didn't feel good yesterday, but the weather was great and so I fixed up an old sheet as a "tent" in the yard and made the kids a picnic lunch. They loved it. Jack at one point had taken his John Deere pedal car out to the tent and had it parked underneath. Priorities you know!

I am trying to enjoy each day with my little ones, because I realize it will all too soon be just a memory. It won't matter if my laundry was caught up (it never is), or if my house was clean, or even if we had leftovers or fast food for supper. I want my kids to remember the things we did with them.

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