Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is such a busy weekend! Yesterday M had a half day of school and as room mom I had to go help with the party. The afternoon before I made chocolate lollipops and sugar cookies complete with decorations for the occasion. Jack and I returned to school to help with the party. We got home about 12:30 and I fed Jack lunch and put everyone down for a nap. I straightened the house for the sitter that was coming later that night. I got the kids up and we had a snack and headed to a birthday party for Logan. He is a little boy that was born on the same day as Madalynn and if she has her way he may be my future son-in-law. That would be kind of cool; a husband and wife that were born on the same day in the same year just a few hours apart! We have two chances at it though. They also have a daughter that is 3 months older than Jack. :)
The party was at Bounce U, where Logan and Madalynn had their 5th birthday party together last year. It is in Lexington and started at 5:30 so I knew traffic would be awful. We got ready and left our house about 4:45. We got there right on time and got to stay an hour. Jack had assured me numerous times that he was going to jump this year. Last year he clung to Jeremy and cried most of the time. Somethign about the noise from the compressors that keep everything inflated and Jack don't mix. He wouldn't even touch the bouncy things. He didnt have to be held and didn't cry so that is an improvement! Maybe next year.
We raced home at 6:30pm; in the door a little after 7. I hurriedly worked some more on my hair and changed clothes to go to the Sweeheart Soiree. Yuck! I hate goign to parties with a bunch of rich people.I feel so out of place. I didn't have anything I liked to wear. That never makes a girl feel good. We found out about it a week ago and I had some stupid hope that I wouldn't have to actually go. We had more snow and the kids didn't have school most of the week, so I didn't have a chance to go anywhere to shop. Plus there isn't a lot to choose from in the dead of winter. It is for a good cause, but I would rather just give them money and get to stay at home. We got there just before 7:30, signed in and sat down for dinner. I have to say I feel bored when 33 is the lowest age bracket in attendance. Most of the crowd was 50+. While my husband seems to fit right in with this crowd, I just sit there bored. I never have anyone to talk to. After all, I am not a doctor of any kind and my day to day doesn't impress anyone. "So what's going on with you?" "Oh really busy with birthday parties." You never get "How exciting!" as a response. Jeremy doesn't have as much sympathy for me as he should. He is the one that has a table full of veterinarians to talk to. I just sit and pray for time to speed by.

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