Friday, February 5, 2010

World War III is My Fault

Well, inadvertently I have started World War III at my house. I caused it because my husband snores. He has been snoring up a storm ever since he got a cold back at Christmas. I am used to some snoring...what wife isn't? This has gone beyond the realm of the reasonable though. It is some better, but still constant noise. Well, silly me I gently shake, shove, or push him to wake him up for a few moments in hopes that the snoring will cease at least for a few minutes. What am I thinking? It is more like precious seconds.
Jeremy has always been able to sleep anywhere, any time, under any circumstances. He can also do this in a matter of seconds- talking to you one minute, dead to the world the next. I am not so lucky and never have been.
Well, I made a comment about how many times I had woke him up the night before because he was snoring and he said something to the effect of "So that's why I have been waking up so tired!" Well, it might have more to do with working really hard all day long, getting up at 6:30 am right now, and not going to bed till midnight, but what do I know? This apparently made him quite mad. So that night we go to bed, and right on cue he starts snoring. I am not asleep yet, we have only been in bed about 5 minutes. So I put my foot against him and push. This makes him even madder and he gets up and goes and gets in bed with J. That is where he has continued to sleep despite the fact that I never asked or demanded he get out of our bed and I have told him he can sleep in our bed. I can lay there as long as I can and then go get on the couch. When Jeremy isn't happy Brandi sure isn't going to be happy. He just doesn't speak to me or act much more than civil. In his signature immature "fighting" fashion, he refuses to sleep in our bed and has proceeded to act like the south end of a northbound mule. So, whatever. I am not going to beg him, but I do think at some point Jack is going to kick him out of his room and then what?

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