Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Stuff

Well, another Sunday that we didn't get to go to church. Jeremy was afraid that if there was any snow or ice on the roads that it was so cold, nothing could have melted it. It was a toasty 2 degrees this morning when we got up. It had warmed up to about 10 degrees by the time we would have needed to leave. Women who have husbands that are able to drive them to church no matter the weather, don't know how lucky they are. How nice it would be not to have to worry about slipping and sliding across the parking lot with two kids in tow. It would be great to be dropped off at the door in safety and warmth.
At least the day wasn't a total loss. Jeremy came home at about 10:00 so the kids got to spend all day with him.
I got up this morning and made waffles, but I made the mistake of using some new oatmeal pancake mix. Bad idea. They had no taste. I just put so much syrup on them that the kids didn't notice.
I cleaned the playroom today too. It was awful. There wasn't even a path to walk through the door. I made my food list for the Super Bowl. Jeremy hasn't exactly spread the word like he needs to, so I may have way too much food. We had a great time last year and we have everyone over at once and get it over with. We all know that there are those folks we would rather not have over just one on one. So an event like this is good for that.
I called Joni last night and offered to keep Halle, but never heard back from her so I guess I won't be babysitting today. I have a long list of things to do anyway.
Change the sheets on all the beds
Do all the laundry
Get my final Super Bowl menu completed
Get my regular meals for the week planned
Grocery list
Download some pictures off my phone
Download some pictures off my little camera
Send some pics to Mady's school for the yearbook
Get my final plans for Madalynn's birthday party
Clean the top of the safe
Take the bassinet back to storage (Joni had borrowed it)
Call my sister
Clean the office
Arrange and Assemble my recipes for the Super Bowl party

So, it is OK that I am not babysitting, although I want to help Joni out. I remember how exhausting the first few months are. I also know how much more you appreciate your kids when you have some time away from them! You are always so glad to see their little faces even if they were only gone for an hour or two.


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