Friday, December 17, 2010

I started this post on Sunday night.

1. Get all three Christmas trees put up and decorated (Main tree, kids tree, and cowboy tree)
( Two down, one to go!)
2. Get all Christmas decoration boxes put away or taken back to storage
3. Take the kids to Southern Lights at the Horse Park or to a movie
4. Let kids watch a movie and have a sleepover in the living room
5. Clean this nasty house!
6. Clean office
7. Clean our closet
(It may sound like 6 & 7 are a part of 5, but not necessarily at my house! :- /
8. Get some Christmas shopping done  ONLINE!
9. Get some presents wrapped
10. Plan a few meals

Well, I got most of the list done. Since then my hubby has returned and I have finished (or almost finished) a couple of other projects. I made my first attempt at appliqueing shirts with the kids initials. They turned out OK. Nothing fancy. I also, made an ornament wreath. That looked much easier and less time consuming than it was.
I have really come to a realization this year that my kids are growing up...quickly! So this year I am trying harder to be less snippy and impatient. I am going all out in the decoration department. I am spending more on gifts and more time wrapping them complete with fancy bows. I have started some new traditions and have lots of plans for cookie making! (Maybe tomorrow if we get a snow day!) My babies are not babies anymore, I miss that. Now is good and I know that the future will be good too, but I do miss that there are days gone by that I can't get back. I am trying harder to cherish every one, even the ones where they scream, fight and do nothing but push my buttons!
Now I am just laying here wishing they would go ahead and say if school is called off or not! Why wait til morning when you know none of what is out there is going to melt and there is the chance for more? This causes me to have to get up at the regular time to find out the official verdict!
NO SCHOOL! I get to sleep in! :)

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