Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Days and Christmas at Preschool

So it is snowing....AGAIN! This is only about the 14th time since December began, that's all. I think M has only had about 3-4 snow days, but considering the surrounding counties are on snow day 11 or 12, the public pools should open about 2 weeks before school starts back for next fall! That stinks! We had 10 weeks of summer last year with us getting out in JUNE and all and we have had tons more snow this year. While it is nice to have a few cold weather days where we don't have to get up early and be anywhere, I really like having a nice long summer stretching out in front of us. Oh well, no one asked me.

Yesterday I finally got the preschool teachers' late Christmas "present" done. I had bought everyone gifts for Christmas, but since we missed the week before Christmas, then were out 3 weeks for Christmas break, then proceeded to miss another week of preschool, I decided the time for Christmas-y Christmas gifts had passed. So, my new plan was to cook up some soups and take it to preschool so that everyone would have something for lunch. Most of these people don't bring their lunch or take the time to run and get something, so I thought this would be a good deal. Everyone seemed very appreciative and raved about the soups. I made potato soup - which I could eat all day long and chicken tortilla soup. I also fried up some corn tortilla strips to make it authentic tortilla soup and carried some crackers for those that just need crackers with soup. I made it home with one big bowl of potato soup left! So I would say it went over well. It was nerve wracking though since we seem to have snow in the forecast every single week! I didn't want to end up with these massive pots of soup since my kids avoid vegetables like the plague and my husband wants soup about twice a year when the temperature drops below 10 degrees! So Monday night I was like "Do you think we will go to school? Do you?" Since...yes snow was in the forecast for Tuesday...AGAIN! Anyway about 5 pm I decided to just go for it, and if they called school off again I'd just find someone to give it to. I finished up all but shredding the chicken and cooking the tortilla strips about 11:30pm Monday night. I planned to get up early and finish everything and then get ready to teach at preschool. Well, somewhere along the line, I failed to set my alarm so I got up about 30 minutes after I meant to. Which meant my husband could see the panic in my eyes when I was still cooking tortilla strips 20 minutes before I am supposed to be getting kids out of bed. Anyway, I managed to get everything cooked, my self presentable and the kids up, dressed, and ready on time.
I even managed to get a Starbucks and Walmart run in before time to pick up Jack. I have to say though, the Decaf Caramel Brulee Latte is just not as good without the caffeine. :(
I then proceeded to come home and lay down for a quick nap before it was time to pick Madalynn up, which just made me useless and feel even more tired. That's not good when you have dirtied up not only all the dishes in your kitchen, but all your big pots and crock pots as well. Oh, well...maybe we'll get another snow day!

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