Thursday, May 5, 2011

OB Visit #4

Well, I had my 4th OB visit on May 4th, 2011. It had been scheduled for May 11, but at my previous visit they moved it up a week. I began the visit with an ultrasound to see what we were having! Unfortunately, since it is breeding season Jeremy wasn't able to come with me. His mornings are especially busy and since I don't have a babysitter, I have to do all my visits while Jack is at school. So anyway, I go in for the ultrasound and everything looks good. They look at all the baby's vital organs before they tell you the sex. I was so worried that something would be wrong with the baby, much more nervous  than I have ever been before. Well, the technician didn't get all the way zoomed in on the parts we were looking at and I could tell what it was. I thought "that's not a boy; that's a girl!" I think I might have been laying there with my mouth hanging open. Jeremy and I were both sure this was another boy. I was sick this time just like with Jack. I thought it was a boy too once it started moving  because it wasn't the delicate, gentle movements like with Madalynn. It felt like a strong movement from the very first time I felt it move, which was how it felt with Jack. So we were surprised to say the least!
Jeremy forgot about the visit so I finally texted him around noon and told him to call me. He said "I told you last night it was a boy." I said yes you did.Then I said, "Well, guess what?"He said what and I said "You were wrong!" When he said "Its a girl?" you could literally hear the the surprise in his voice.
When the kids got home from school, after a stop at McDonald's for milkshakes, I set up the video camera and got ready to tell the kids. I already had a little girl dress and I had bought some boy onesies. So I put the dress in a little gift bag and let the kids pull it out to see what we were having.
Jack was disappointed, he had wanted a brother. Madalynn was over the moon! She had assured me from the get-go that " she wished on a star for a sister and in the morning, it told her it was true!"

Another coincidence with our girls. When we were living in Texas, we found out what Madalynn was in October. Well, rose bushes aren't usually blooming in the fall, but that rose bush was full of pink roses the week we found out she was a girl. This time around we had another rose bush in the backyard with... you guessed it- pink roses!

Everything else was good. The blood draws I had done previously, all looked good. My blood pressure was 110/70. I had gained 4 1/2 lbs. (Yuck!) The baby's heartrate was 143. My next visit is June 1 so I have to get started finding a babysitter soon! After all, we have 2 weeks of school left before summer break!

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