Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last MONTHLY OB Appointment

Today I went to the doctor for what I didn't realize until I saw the doctor, was my last monthly appointment! Scary! That means it is getting closer! I had to do the glucose test, go back down to the doctor, go back to the lab and have blood work done, and then back up to the doctor's office to get my RhoGam shot.
So I go to the lab and get to drink that orange glucose drink. Gross! I have always heard everyone talk about how awful it tasted and had been very lucky up until this point. I could swear that with Madalynn and Jack it tasted like orange coke. I could honestly swear that it had carbonation. It wasn't a big deal at all. Today...that was a different story. It was NASTY! But I got it down. Then I went back up to my doctor's office to see the doctor. My blood pressure was 114/70, I have only gained 14 lbs so far, and the baby's heart rate was 133-134. I didn't realize that I would have to start seeing the doctor every two weeks but she said since I was almost 30 weeks, I needed to. I hope Jeremy can keep the kids for my next appointment and he is off the day of the following appointment so maybe I can make it until they go back to school before I have to go too often. After I saw the doctor I still had some time before they could draw my blood so I waited down in the lab. Got the blood drawn and then back up to the doctor's office. This was another experience that I don't remember being quite so bad. I have had RhoGam shots with both my other pregnancies, and don't remember it hurting any more than any shot in the hip ever does. Today it burned like crazy. My hip was achy all afternoon and is still a little sore. I have said to myself that I hoped this pregnancy would make me glad it was over and this was my last. Well, today I had two experiences that I am glad I don't have to do again.
When I finally got done at the doctor's office it was over 12 hours since I had anything to eat. That's a long time for a normal person much less a pregnant woman. So since I had been craving Olive Garden I called and ordered something to go. While that was getting ready I ran in Penney's to get myself a fake wedding ring. My hands are too swollen to wear my real one. I also ran in Motherhood Maternity to grab a couple of tank tops. I am trying to get a little sun when I can and two of the ones I bought a month ago are wayyyy too big. Then I rushed home and picked up the kids from my neighbor and got to actually eat something!
I ate so much, but it was soo good.Olive Garden's salad and seafood Alfredo is delicious!!  I felt yucky the rest of the day. I guess between eating too much, the long day, and the aching hip I did myself in. We stayed home from church and I just laid around.
If the chance of rain isn't too great tomorrow, I might venture out to the water park. The kids have been begging and summer will soon be over. So we may do that after swimming lessons.

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