Monday, July 4, 2011

Our 4th of July 2011

We had a good 4th this year. Ours actually started the day before because we did our fireworks show Sunday night. Jeremy had finally bought some fireworks after Jack had begged me for weeks to buy some. Needless to say the horses and cows were not fans. When we started the first fireworks up in the arena, there were 2 cows inside. Needless to say, they couldn't find the out gate fast enough! The next day the kids slept late - Jack until almost 10 and Madalynn until 10:30! I think that is the latest she has ever slept in her life! We have done away with Jack's nap and we have been working a lot at the farm and coming in late. When they finally got up, ate breakfast and got dressed, we headed to Kroger to get what I needed to fix a couple of things for supper. We had been invited to the Moreheads for dinner. On the way into the store we  couldn't help but notice that they were cooking ribs outside and they smelled wonderful! Jeremy loves ribs, so I bought a rack to bring home. Jeremy didn't have to work all day, so he came home about 12:30 and ate his ribs and then took the kids off to the farm. I had to bake the Best Chocolate Sheet Cake and a BLT salad to take to the Moreheads that night. Once I finished those things, cleaned the kitchen, and loaded the dishwasher, I headed to the farm too. Jeremy and the kids had ridden horses while I was at home so I headed up to where we were building a fence. We are fencing off the back wheat field so that the cows will stay off it and give the grass a chance to grow. I can't say that I help all that much since I can't lift anything and Jeremy is a much better tractor driver than I am. So I mainly stretched the string to line up posts and sighting down the fence line to try and make sure he dug the holes in line with the other posts. I get to see him some anyway. :)
We left hurriedly after 5 pm and I rushed home to get a quick shower and get myself and the kids ready for the Moreheads. By the time the boys got home and I got everyone ready, we were only 15-20 minutes late. Pretty good for us.
We had a good supper and drove home watching everyone shooting off fireworks. It was a good day!

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