Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Cutest Baseball Player in the World

We just finished up a six week t-ball league with the YMCA. I wasn't sure how much Jack would enjoy it since he had never played before and really didn't even know the rules for baseball. He did pretty well though.

It was just the kind of organized sports we can handle. It was only for 6 weeks and we had practice and a game one day a week. We even lucked out most of the 6 weeks and didn't have terribly hot weather. He really enjoyed himself especially as he practiced and got better at hitting and catching. We may even do it again sometime. I knew with Jeremy's work load/schedule and it being hot weather and the kids being used to going out to the farm alot that we weren't the kind of family to be out at the ballpark 3-4 nights per week. This was perfect.

He was on the Braves team, so we now have a Braves ball cap.It was the only southern ball team he could have been on. The others were the Blue Jays, the Cubs, and the Reds. He also got a t-shirt with his number on it. (Lucky #7!)

I also bought him some baseball pants. I had to go back and buy a belt so he could keep them up. The first time he tried them on, I turned them loose and they hit the floor. (He doesn't get his hips from his mother!) Shorts would have been cooler, but he fell and scratched himself up the first time around the bases.Plus he just looked so cute in them!

He had really nice coaches. He technically had one coach but a couple of other guys helped too. His coach had never coached before but did a really great job with all the kids. We had a couple that were handfuls. Jack did a much better job of paying attention than he did when he played soccer. So maybe this is more of his thing.

All in all, it was a really fun experience and I was actually sad when it was over!

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