Friday, March 13, 2009

Date Night

Last night Jeremy and Madalynn went on a "date". They have been out to the movies and stuff by themselves before, but this is the first time we have called it a date. M was very excited. Jeremy was on the farm back behind the house and called and asked if I thought she would want to go. I assured him she would and set about getting her ready. We changed into a cute outfit, curled her hair, even put on perfume and found a purse.

She says her favorite restaurant is Applebee's even though she might have been there 5 times in her life. So that is where they went on their date. Up until last night she had been asking her Daddy when they were going to "go datin". She got to order Sprite to drink. This is a rare treat at our house. She got to order a corndog and they even had a chocolate meltdown for dessert! She loved it. She was really hopped up on sugar when they got home.

Jack and I did one of his favorite things while they were gone. We did this not necessarily because he understands what the deal is, but to keep the crying over Daddy leaving him at home to a minimum. Jack LOVES tractors. So we went to what he calls the "tractor shop", otherwise known as Tractor Supply. We sat on lawnmowers outside for a few minutes on the way in and out. We tried out all the mule/ranger/gator type vehicles inside and purchased a John Deere t-shirt, a small tractor and a cowboy hat that was on clearance. We did this to make up for the fact that the two of us ate leftovers instead of a chocolate meltdown.

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