Monday, March 16, 2009

Who said you could grow up?

I have a problem when I have to think about my babies growing up. I have someone almost weekly tell me that my "baby" boy isn't a little baby anymore. He is even loosing his humongous cheeks that he has had since the age of about 2 months. I am so sad to see them go. Jack's cheeks and eyelashes are the #1 thing people comment on. Now the cheeks are going...

My daughter has her first loose tooth! Need I remind you that she JUST turned 5! Like 1 month ago! She came screaming and crying into the bedroom Saturday when she was supposed to be taking a nap. At first I could not understand what she was saying was wrong. I finally got her to calm down enough to get "my tooth is loose." She is the dramatic type anyway. ( I blame that on my little sister. They are far more similar than she and I.)

Anyway, you need to know that recently we had another person in our household who had a loose tooth. He is only 2 however! She remembered what a big deal we made over him and how a 2 year old with a missing front tooth is a problem. Well, she naturally assumed that ALL loose teeth are a problem so she was hysterical! I wiggled it and it wasn't bleeding and then it hit me. She is old enough to loose teeth now!!!! I just wanted to cry. This can't be. She is my little baby girl. Not some almost kindergartener with teeth falling out.

Over the next day or so, she managed to chill out alot and began showing everyone she saw her wiggly tooth. I think everyone at church saw it at least once. Of course, little brother (whose tooth was knocked loose a few months ago while running and hitting the coffee table) has a loose tooth too. (Not really - his tightened back up even after he tried to knock it out twice more in the two weeks following the initial incident.)

She keeps asking me when is it going to fall out? When is the tooth fairy coming? Where does the Tooth Fairy live? What does she look like? Typical Madalynn. Questioning everything and everything about everything.

As of 8:30 this morning when I dropped her off at school, it was still inside her mouth. I have instructed her to try and pull it when she is at home. I am afraid any amount of blood that is involved may cause a major dramatic performance and scare all the other kids! I also would like to be there when the first one comes out. I remember when the first one came in. (Well, not really. I know that is sad, I should remember it, but honestly - I don't really remember the actual event. Blame my 2 kids and loss of brain cells.)

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