Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Few Things I Won't Miss

As I type this I am about 6 weeks away from my supposed due date. That is, if the date is correct. I have measured 4 weeks ahead twice! So who knows! I may have a baby in the middle of August or the middle of September.
Jeremy and the kids are in Tennessee for the weekend. I decided to stay home and use this as "me" time. That is if you can call working like a dog me time. I have done all kinds of errands, laundry, put up the crib, found all the baby stuff, cleaned the girls room, hung the curtains in Mady and Jack's rooms (after 3 years!), cooked a batch of vegetable soup, cleaned out all the junk drawers, got the bassinet ready, hauled off all the recycling, cleaned out the garage and touched up all the scuffs on the walls. So instead of sleeping more like I thought I would, I have slept less, but I have gotten a lot accomplished.
Tonight as I suffered through terrible heartburn, and tried to reach around this belly to paint my toenails I thought of all the things I won't miss after being pregnant.
I won't miss the aforementioned heartburn. I won't miss the insomnia, thus why I am writing this at 1:30 am. I won't miss trying to roll around this big belly to get up or do anything. I won't miss getting up to go to the bathroom 58 times a night. I won't miss having a belly button that was once an "innie" that is now a major "outie". I won't miss swollen feet and hands. I won't miss not drinking caffeine. I won't miss the feeling of someone trying to kick their way out of my cervix.
I will miss the wonder of knowing I have a baby growing inside me; of creating something where there was nothing. I will miss feeling kicks and hiccups and later full blown rolls and flips. I will miss hearing your heartbeat at the doctor's office. I will miss seeing glimpses of you at my ultrasound appointments.  I will miss watching my belly grow and knowing you are growing too.
I'd do it all again and I can't wait to meet you Lillie Claire!

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