Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Well, we finally went back to school on August 17th!

I had a boy who was very excited and a girl that wasn't! That is quite the switch! Usually it is the opposite.
Jack could not have been more excited about going to his new preschool.

Madalynn would have preferred to just drop out at this point. She isn't crazy about her new teacher mainly because she loved her teacher from last year so much!

I have to say, I think 2nd grade may be more of a struggle for her than anything has been before.
She still doesn't really want to go to class in the mornings. The days Jack has school, I walk them in and she really doesn't want me to leave.

No tears thank goodness, but she is definitely not happy. I sure hope it improves! She has also turned into a somewhat reluctant reader..I am shocked. I don't know what happened. I never had to ask or make her read last year and this year I have already had to start requiring her to read at least 2 books or two chapters a day. No off to a good start.
Jack on the other hand can't wait to get to school on Mondays and Wednesdays! Dropping him off is easy because he goes right in and just starts playing away. I have already received a compliment on his good manners and behavior from his teacher!
I hope Mady settles in and that Jack continues to enjoy his school this year!
I also hope to eventually have some time to do what I want to do on those two mornings. So far I have done nothing but run errands and go to doctor's appointments. Come on Lillie Claire!

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