Friday, August 26, 2011

Yard Sale

We finally sold our big house in town back in June!

It was on the market for years! Literally! I hated owning it and not being able to live in it. Plus the deadbeats that had rented it from us and paid the rent only half the time work at Madalynn's school, so seeing them made me see red! So we didn't get what we wanted for it, but at least we aren't still making mortgage payments on a house that is sitting empty.

So anyway, before we sold it the kids and I had a yard sale over there. It was a success! We lived in town for a few months one other time and Jenna and I had a yard sale. It is great! Tons of traffic and since people are already out scoping out yard sales in the neighborhoods, you don't have to spend money on advertising! I just made a couple of neon yellow signs and put them up at intersections and ta-da the people showed up.

We did it the weekend after Madalynn got out of school this summer. We held the sale on Friday and Saturday. On Friday we had a great turnout and sold a ton of the stuff. So much so I felt bad on Saturday because we had nothing but the junk's junk left. We actually had very few come by on Saturday so we packed it up early and left about 10 am. I took two big carloads to Goodwill. We did really well considering I didn't have anything worth anything to begin with. I will miss having access to a great yard sale location next time!

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