Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankfulness Day 9

Since today is the 9th of November and my ninth day of Thankfulness, I will say that I am thankful to still be here and in good health. I turn 36 years old today. Just writing those numbers gives me anxiety and I have to take a deep breath! I never thought I'd be a person whose age would bother them....WRONG!!
Since the day after I turned 25 and realized I was then closer to 30 than 20 it has been an issue. I've never considered myself a vain person, but last year I hated that I had the number 3 followed by a 5 in my age. I dared my husband to mention it. He did anyway, but since then I think he has come to a better understanding! This year, since he is a smart man, he didn't mention the numbers involved!
That being said, I lost my mother when she was 51 and we lost my father-in-law when he was 43. Darrel got diagnosed with colon cancer 5 or 6 years earlier than that. So we "get" that we are lucky to be 36 (:-/) and still healthy. I would love to think that we will get to grow old together and see grand kids, but the truth is I just don't know. None of us do, which is why I am VERY THANKFUL that the Lord has blessed me with good health and another day on this earth.

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